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jazz-showcase jedi-at-thirteen GirlAtTheShore Nafshiyah
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Bon VoyageBon Voyage

Pastel on board
16" X 12"
Mia just returned from her family’s vacation in Mexico where she bought her favorite hat.


Adan _ConchitaAdan & Conchita

Pastel on sanded paper
9" X 12"
This commission was created from four photos: Grandfather Adan, a separate photo of his head, an indoor photo of Grandmother Conchita, and their farm in Ecuador.


PartyGirlParty Girl

Pastel on sanded paper
12" X 9"
My granddaughter Mia flashes her charming smile at Francesca's Restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin.


AnotherDayAtThePlazaAnother Day at the Plaza

Pastel on watercolor paper
17" X 13"
The bored, tired or lost expression of this jeweler at the Market Plaza in Albuquerque captured my interest.


Jedi at_Thirteen_400pxJedi at Thirteen

17" X 13"
This is Jedidiah, my nephew’s daughter, as sweet as she is beautiful. I knew I had to paint her and took dozens of photos for reference. This pose was snapped while walking to the train from Millennium Park during last summer’s heat wave.


Market DayMarket Day

11-1/2" X 13-1/2"
If you want to capture beautiful colors, park your easel next to the Woodstock Farmer’s Market. The flower booth in particular is an inspiring subject. For this painting, I used my favorite surface, sanded paper, and a variety of hard and soft pastels.


JazzShowcaseJazz Showcase

12" X 16"
This pastel painting proved a challenge, because different colored spotlights illuminated the musicians. There is actually a large photo of Charlie Parker behind the stage, but I changed the background to the Jazz Showcase logo.


Fountain Dancer_450pxFountain Dancer

17" X 27"
I spotted this lovely dance student while she struck several poses in front of the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park, Chicago last summer. Since it was 100 degrees that day, the setting seemed appropriate.


AreWeThereYetAre We There Yet?

16" X 12"
This father and daughter, close yet in their separate worlds, illuminated by two light sources, caught my attention on the Metra train to Chicago.


The-Car-WashThe Car Wash

22" X 20"
My son Ron showing his son Robbie the art of car care.



20" X 19"
Nafshiyah is a beautiful model and an aspiring writer, who likes to describe her background as multicultural.


GloriaGloria's Mystery

17" X 13"
Gloria claims to be a woman of little mystery, so I created this mysterious scene of her observing herself entering a hotel room.


NailStory 1Nail Story

15-1/2" X 13"
The women’s expressions and gestures against the bright red sunlit wall made this scene memorable.


CityWoman 1City Woman

9-1/2" X 10"
This is my son’s wife Trish leaving Francesca’s near the Madison capitol after their daughter’s first communion party.


Primary-DancerPrimary Dancer

12" X 6"
I saw this stunning dancer at the Rose Parade in Portland, Oregon. The title refers to the red, yellow and blue pastels I used.


TheReceptionThe Reception

14" X 20"
I was looking for an interesting interior reference shot at the 2010 Women’s Works reception and found this intriguing setup that evokes both mystery and beauty.


SkatingClassSkating Class

10" X 14"
Seven-year-old Mia is getting ready for her skating lesson in Madison, Wisconsin. I added the window as a second light source to give the painting more drama and depth. For variety I combined both abstract and realistic effects.


ADayWellSpentA Day Well Spent

12" X 24"
This is Kathy, after a challenging day painting outdoors at Crabtree Nature Center, relaxing at an artist’s reception at the Barrington Gourmet.


GirlAtTheShoreGirl at the Shore

6" X 12"
Six-year-old Mia stopped throwing stones briefly to contemplate the shore near the UW Union, in Madison.


AppleBoyApple Boy

12" X 16"
My 4-year-old grandson, Robbie, stood still for about 2 seconds before running off to explore the orchard.


LaPetiteCreperieLa Petite Creperie

20 1/2" X 15 1/2"
I exaggerated the bright colors and contrast in a Hopper sort of way.

Third Place Winner
Juried National Exhibit, Real People 2010, Woodstock, IL
The artist’s use of pastel is simply lovely, as are the identities she captures in her figures. The work reminds me of Impressionist café scenes while still feeling completely contemporary.” – Gregg Hertzlieb, Judge

GirlWithAPearlGirl With A Pearl

17" X 20"
Sandy is an artist and nature lover with a fondness for coffee. She’s framed in a beautiful, ornate Italian moulding.

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