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Its-a-Moose ThreeSisters MourningLight Mocha
Puff CardinalOnTheRock WildThing Suzs-Girls-th

Suzs GirlsSuz’s Girls

Pastel on board
12" X 16"
The owner of these beauties spins wool into naturally multicolored skeins.


Marshmallow Likes_Her_GreensMarshmallow Likes Her Greens

Pastel on sanded paper
12" X 16"
Marshmallow lives with her sisters, Hershey and Graham on a co-op farm in Elgin, Illinois.


WildThingWild Thing

Pastel on UArt sanded paper
12" X 11-7/8"
These three not-so-shy turkeys are actually a single bird from different angles. He let me follow him all over the U Madison Arboretum while his companions ran for the forest.


Its-a-MooseIt's a Moose

13" X 10"
This beautiful creature resides at Cabella’s sporting goods store.


PuffPuff Alone

6" X 11"
Puff, without his brother Lolly.


ThreeSisters Three Sisters

16" X 11"
These amazing mushrooms (yes, there are three) arose from my front yard during an unusually wet summer.


CardinalOnTheRockCardinal on a Rock

8" X 6"
This handsome guy was searching for seed spilled from the feeder when I froze him in time.



11-1/2" X 9"
This beautiful cat loves to sit in the window and feel the breeze blowing through his soft fur. The light on him took my breath away.


MourningLightMourning Light

12" X 9"
I spied these beauties with a dozen other mourning doves on my neighbor’s balcony and ran for my camera. Just as I was about to snap the picture, she turned completely around and looked me in the eye!

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